Friday, November 26, 2010

99 Days

While most people stayed up last night to go shopping on #BlackFriday. I went to bed with some kind of queasy feeling. It really hit me that in less than 100 days I will be a "Branton" I started to hyperventilate and think of the millions of things I have to do in order for my day to be picture perfect. So this morning I was up to early for it to be my day off and decide before I took another break of planning to studying, I will get so much wedding stuff done I will feel some type of accomplishment. The final save-the-dates will go out and I will order invitation instead of the Nintendo Wii and 52 inch HDTV I want from Brandsmart. But like I said at the end of the day I will smile because in 99 days I will walk into a room done by me. Every piece of fabric, stationary, floral decor, even the music played is something I put my hands on. So with that being said let me get to work. See you tomorrow!

planning a wedding

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