Friday, January 1, 2010

It Finally Happened!

I'm not a blogger but I decided to try something new.

Last night I went to my mom's house for what I thought was a New Year's Eve celebration. Family and friends were there and even my dad (long story, but he was there). The signs were there but if you know me, then you know I didn't pay real attention to them or I'm just slow. So ADB and my brother were missing for a while, ADB looked a little nervous, my mom pulled out this random cake, and when I asked ADB he was like that's nothing. (Whatever!) So with tradition everyone watching the ball drop in New York and ADB hands me this card. (ok!) I'm counting down and everyone is looking at me. No one is counting (eerie). ADB says read this card. So the card is all lovey dovey and now I'm crying (Why? I don't know) written on the card is "There is one more thing I need to know?" I look down and ADB is on one knee. Now I'm crying harder and and everyone is crying and shouting ( I had to bend down my knees didn't work) and like magic he says
"Will you marry me?" YYYEEESSS!