Sunday, November 28, 2010

98 Days

Well today I did absolutely nothing as far as wedding planning. I guess you need a break sometime lol. In that regard I got a text that a guest received our "save-the-date". I know it may seem lame but I get excited just knowing they received but that's just the bride in me.

My MOH along with my mom went to see a potential venue for my Bridal Shower and even though the attempt was unsuccessful just knowing that they are spending so much time planning this day for me brings joy to my heart.

Since I didn't actually do anything wedding I did check my wedding email address. I think creating one was the best thing I ever did as far as planning and to make things ever better I have two. You see one of the funnest things about wedding planning is going to those wedding shows, and since me and my sister in law both got engaged at the same time the more the merrier. But what's not so merry about these shows. You give them your email address because at the time you ARE interested and you just have to have it at your wedding. By the time you wake up the next morning you have already received 10 phone calls and 50 emails about this thing you wanted so bad that don't even remember what is was or who you talked to.... So I decided that I will have two one for these wedding info spammers and one for conducting wedding business. Right about now it working out perfectly so I wont complain.

Friday, November 26, 2010

99 Days

While most people stayed up last night to go shopping on #BlackFriday. I went to bed with some kind of queasy feeling. It really hit me that in less than 100 days I will be a "Branton" I started to hyperventilate and think of the millions of things I have to do in order for my day to be picture perfect. So this morning I was up to early for it to be my day off and decide before I took another break of planning to studying, I will get so much wedding stuff done I will feel some type of accomplishment. The final save-the-dates will go out and I will order invitation instead of the Nintendo Wii and 52 inch HDTV I want from Brandsmart. But like I said at the end of the day I will smile because in 99 days I will walk into a room done by me. Every piece of fabric, stationary, floral decor, even the music played is something I put my hands on. So with that being said let me get to work. See you tomorrow!

planning a wedding

> 100 Days

Today is Thanksgiving and even though I'm suppose to be concentrating on family and friends I can't help but think about that long to do list I have for wedding that's in 100 days. I have a venue, photographer, caterer, DJ, and some other vendors I can't think of right now but now I have to work on the logistics. Like finishing up my custom centerpieces, and invitations. Making sure my "day of" coordinator has everything running smooth and perfecting my vows. To top it all off this week I have a big test for work that I have to focus on. But that's just a day in the life of a super bride life as we know it still goes on and all that planning for a few hours of fun brings a lifetime of memories. Follow me through the last 100 days leading to my wedding experience the high and lows the laughter and the cries and maybe you learn a few things

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while mainly because I am not one to sit and write about everything that's going on in my life. But since I have been working on this wedding I decided to give it another try to help those feel comforted about the stress they are experiencing while planning their wedding.

It it exactly 254 days until I become Mrs. Branton and even though I'm still riding on cloud 9 I have managed fly through some clear ait turbulanece along the way.

First I started pre-marital counseling, which I think is a great idea for soon to be married couples. We discuss things like exes, and finances (we all know how I feel about joint accounts- I HATE THEM) cohabiting (we failed lol) and dating (something that really helped) Even though pre-marital prep has brought us closer together it can also tear you apart. You have to have an open ear and be willing to accept things that may not go your way. As for ME, I have decided to try to joint account thing. But I still have my rainy day fund. I learned that even though we have been living together for well over a year we did not know the true meaning of cohabiting and even though I thought things were smooth sailing there are still somethings in our relationship that we need to hash out.

Anyways I plan on keeping you updated on everything wedding. I may even post some pics and by that I mean SOME. Some aspects of my wedding will be surprise. But I am willing to help. Leave a comment or two and if you have any questions feel free to leave those too. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It Finally Happened!

I'm not a blogger but I decided to try something new.

Last night I went to my mom's house for what I thought was a New Year's Eve celebration. Family and friends were there and even my dad (long story, but he was there). The signs were there but if you know me, then you know I didn't pay real attention to them or I'm just slow. So ADB and my brother were missing for a while, ADB looked a little nervous, my mom pulled out this random cake, and when I asked ADB he was like that's nothing. (Whatever!) So with tradition everyone watching the ball drop in New York and ADB hands me this card. (ok!) I'm counting down and everyone is looking at me. No one is counting (eerie). ADB says read this card. So the card is all lovey dovey and now I'm crying (Why? I don't know) written on the card is "There is one more thing I need to know?" I look down and ADB is on one knee. Now I'm crying harder and and everyone is crying and shouting ( I had to bend down my knees didn't work) and like magic he says
"Will you marry me?" YYYEEESSS!